【Official】Hotel Kinki

We accept reservations on the day

Delivery meals are available!

  • Delivery meals are available!

    After check-in, you can eat and drink your meal in your room after check-in.
    There are many stores where you can order smoothly because of the location of this facility!
    Please use this time if you are a little worried about eating out or if you want to concentrate on your work in your room.

    ※Customers are responsible for placing orders and making payments.
    ※Please provide the property address and room number of your stay when ordering.
    ※Please inform the front desk once after ordering.
    ※Please inform the front desk if the restaurant will come again due to the collection of containers.

Hotel Kinki as a cosplay shooting location

  • You can shoot cosplay at Hotel Kinki!

    In the cosplay location search / reservation service "Akoroke"
    Hotel Kinki also offers locations!
    The location is ... "Rooftop"!
    You can shoot realistically in a special place surrounded by skyscrapers in the city!

Important Notice Regarding Go To Travel

  • Important Notice Regarding Go To Travel at STAY NAVI

    An announcement was made by the GoTo secretariat on November 24, and GoTo Travel will be temporarily suspended for trips to Osaka City.
    Including the subsequent state of emergency, Go To Travel is not currently applicable to new reservations for the time being.

    ※Please check the reservation site as the correspondence regarding existing reservations during the initial Go To travel period will differ slightly depending on each reservation site.

This hotel is eligible for the Go To campaign!

  • How to use STAY NAVI for direct and telephone reservations

    【How to use GoTo Travel Campaign】

    Customers who have made a reservation through the hotel's Official website
    After making a reservation, you need to issue a coupon on the external site "Stay Navi".

    (1) Make a reservation for a plan marked with "Go To Travel Campaign Discount Target".
    ② Register as a member on the "Stay Navi" website.
    ③I issue a coupon from "Stay Navi" HP.
    ④ Please present your coupon at check-in.
    (We will also issue regional coupons at that time)

    With the above, the discount will be applied!

    ※You can also use this campaign by making a reservation by phone.
    ※If you want the facility to issue a coupon proxy, please specify when making a reservation.

Hotel Kinki's “New Coronavirus” Measures

  • You can check the details from here

    This facility is operating and operating based on the guidelines for prevention of New Coronavirus infectious diseases.
    Please refer to the link below for details.

You can watch the introduction video of this facility at Japanese Station.

  • The introduction video of this facility has been uploaded!

    You can see the introduction video of this facility on the Indonesian media site, Japanese Station.
    This is an easy-to-understand video introducing the facilities and services of this facility, and the atmosphere of the neighborhood.
    Please see from everyone's link.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Kinki


17-8 Doyama Town, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

Telephone number



About 7 minutes walk from Midosuji South Exit JR Osaka Station.HEP Ferris Wheel.
70m to the south from the JR Loop Line Shinmidosuji Intersection JR Loop Line Shinmidosuji Intersection with the JR Loop Line.
Hankyu Higashinakadori Shopping Street in Hankyu Higashinakadori Shopping Street.
Osaka Station on foot from Osaka Station and get lost, please aim once at Osaka Station Midosuji South Exit, in front of the HEP Ferris Wheel, or Don Quijote Umeda Main Store, and call after arrival.
We will guide you at the telephone entrance.
If you come by taxi, please come to Boat Pier Umeda, and walk to Hankyu Higashinakadori Shopping Street on the opposite side of the road.

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Facilities and services

  • Front desk

    The staff is available 24 hours a day.
    There is no curfew after check-in.
    Please contact us in advance for arrivals after 24:00 check-in.

    Extension of check-out time will be charged separately.(Depends on availability)
    Luggage can be stored at the front desk 24 hours a day before check-in and after check-out.
    Free on check-in and check-out dates and during your stay, otherwise 300 yen per bag per day.
    We do not have a parking lot.
    Please refer to "FAQ" about parking lot.
    Wi-Fi passwords that can be used within the property will be provided at check-in.
  • Free rental exhibition

    Air cleaner,humidifier,Deodorant spray,hair iron,Smartphone charger, etc.,
    To make your stay more comfortable, this facility offers a variety of free rental listings.
    It is always installed in front of the front desk, so please bring it to your room freely.
    (Since the quantity is limited, please bring the required number on a first-come, first-served basis.)
  • Mini party room

    There is a mini-party room on the ground floor of the hotel which is perfect for the guests to get together.
    Since it is possible to show a large screen using a projector, it can be used for various occasions such as remote meetings as well as celebrations.

    ○Speaker-integrated projector up to 100 inches
    ○Ceiling light with dimming and toning function that can be selected from 6 levels of brightness × 6 levels of colors
    ○Up to 5 people

    You can enjoy movies, dramas and animations on the big screen!
    (The video distribution service account you use will be your personal account)
    ※"DVD playback" and "terrestrial digital broadcast viewing" are also possible!

    ■Open Hours■
    ① Lunch:11am to 4pm
    ②Night section:6pm to midnight

    ※Please contact the hotel in advance by phone or email regarding the use of the mini party room.

    Please feel free to contact us for any other details or questions.
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About Accommodation Tax

  • Accommodation Tax may apply at check-in.

    Osaka Prefecture has introduced an Accommodation Tax as a non-statutory purpose tax from January 1, 2017.
    Accommodation Tax is being applied to measures aimed at promoting Osaka as a world-class international city, enhancing the attractiveness of the city and promoting tourism.
    As of 2020, Accommodation Tax ¥ 7,000 or more per tax per person per night will be charged an additional ¥ 100 Accommodation Tax upon check-in.
    Please understand.


Please contact us if you have any questions.