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Mini party room

  • When using the mini party room

    In March 2020, we opened a mini party room on the first floor of the hotel where you can enjoy using a projector.
    It can be used by non-staying guests and can accommodate up to 5 people.
    It is also ideal for soaking in the afterglow of girls' associations and live shows!

    【Projector equipment specifications,How to use】
    ·Speaker-integrated projector up to 100 inches
    ·Ceiling light with dimming and toning function that can be selected from 6 levels of brightness × 6 levels of colors
    ·CD,DVD playable
    (Playback is possible by inserting the disc into the built-in player.Blu-ray is not available.)
    ·Playable video distribution service
    (The video distribution service account you use will be your personal account)
    ·Digital terrestrial broadcast viewing available
    ·Mirroring playback using Airplay etc. is possible

    ※Wired connection using HDMI or the like to the projector itself is not possible, so for playback of devices that require them, it is necessary to connect to a PC or other terminal that can use Airplay etc. and perform mirroring playback.

    ※The above functions may not be available depending on the terminal used.
    Ask the staff for details.

    【Open Hours】
    ① Lunch:11am to 4pm
    ②Night section:6pm to midnight


    【About reservation】
    We accept reservations by phone or e-mail from "Contact Us".
    Please understand that we may not be able to meet your request depending on the reservation situation.
    If you are using a discount voucher or free voucher, please let us know when you make your reservation.

    【On the day of use】
    After check-in, please pay the party room usage fee separately at the front desk.
    When you give us your information, you will need to write your name and other information on the form specified by the hotel and hand it over to you.
    Your pass will be collected when you leave the room.
    Although guests other than those who have completed the above procedure can use the mini party room, please understand that we cannot provide services for guests entering the room or staying at the room.

  • Usage examples
    There are many stages of lighting adjustment.
    You can also order a meal from your room.
  • Usage examples
    Example of using a projector
  • Example of use
    A video prepared in advance for the birthday celebration,
    It is also possible to project on the large screen of the projector by using the mirroring function of the smartphone!
  • We will introduce the atmosphere of the mini party room with a video.
    Please watch.