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  2. Room make-up at this facility

Room make-up at this facility

  • First, after the customer leaves the room, we will open the windows and doors for ventilation.
    This work leads to the deodorizing process in the room.
    We also check electrical equipment.
    After the garbage collection work, if there is something left behind by the customer after check-out, we will keep it at the office until 5 pm on the day.
    If you have something left behind, please feel free to contact us.
  • Change sheets and pillow covers to make beautiful beds.
  • Clean around the water.(The room in the photo uses a bathtub)
    After washing the room thoroughly with detergent, wipe it off to remove water.
  • In addition, we will clean every corner of the room.
    Of course, dust is removed, but the parts that can be touched by the customer are also thoroughly disinfected.
    If the smell remains in the room, use a deodorant spray etc. to deodorize it.
    Of course, we also take care of rental equipment.
  • What did you think?
    Our make staff will do our utmost after the check-out of the customer or while the customer is staying continuously.
    We are working until about 15:00.
    (Basic check-out is at 10:00, cleaning reception during your stay is until 13:00)
    If you do not need to make room during your stay, you can use the above card to indicate your intention.
    In addition, after requesting a room make-up, it is possible to return to the room where you left behind and temporarily enter the room. Please feel free to ask.