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To students

  • There is a student discount plan.

    At this facility, there is a "student discount"plan that supports students' examinations, travel, and job hunting.

    Terms of use
    ●All users are students
    ●Please present your student ID at the front desk upon check-in to prove it.
    ●Make a reservation for a student discount plan in advance via the Internet

    Only the above 3 points.
    If you forgot or cannot show your certificate, an additional fee will be charged.
    In addition, we ask that minors submit a consent form for their use.
    Please submit the guardian's name (autograph), address, telephone number, and written consent to the front desk at check-in.

    This is an advantageous plan that offers discounts from the first night of use, so please use it for all students.

    We will continue to welcome you with daily updates so that you can use this facility for a long time even if you take a new exam or live a new job!