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Information around the hotel

Popular spots near Hotel Kinki

  • Surrounding facilities

    Information on live houses and facilities located in the prefecture on foot from the hotel.
  • Nearby restaurants

  • Connection with the community

    Here you will find information about various towns such as the activities of Hotel Kinki, nearby facilities and events.
  • Town scene

    • Town scene①

      This facility is located in the very lively Hankyu Higashinakadori Shopping Street.
      If you come by car or taxi, you need to park outside the shopping street and walk into the shopping street.
      You can also access Hankyu Higashidori Shopping Street and Sonezaki Ohatsu Tenjin Shopping Street via the shopping street, so you can enjoy various shops while taking a leisurely walk after check-in and enjoy sightseeing in Osaka. ..
    • Town scene②

      This facility is located about 10 minutes on foot from JR Osaka Station.
      JR Osaka Station is directly connected to Umeda Station JR Osaka Station in Hankyu, Umeda Station Hanshin, Umeda Station Subway Umeda Station, Higashi-Umeda Station and Nishi-Umeda Station Higashi-Umeda Station, making it very convenient to access from all routes.
      Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Castle are accessible from JR Osaka Station without transfer.
      Access to Kyoto and Kobe JR, Hankyu and Hanshin provides a wide range of options for sightseeing, autumn leaves and watching sports.
    • State of town③

      The closest stations to this facility are JR Osaka Station and Umeda Station each line, as well as Subway Nakazakicho Station.
      Nakazakicho the area of Nakazakicho, there are many fashionable shops that have been renovated from old houses, and there are also old-fashioned public baths.
      If you are not a major theme park or commercial facility of a major company and wish to explore the local culture and characteristics that are rooted in the area, please visit us once.